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Today was so much fun!  I got the chance to have lunch with and meet Heather of This and That, and LeeAnn of Join The Gossip.  We had a great time and I feel so blessed to know these fabulous ladies!

Other than that, just wanted to update you on the novel.  My novel will be available May 6 on  The artwork has been completed and I am making some last minute revisions.  I am so excited about it and can’t wait to share with you all!

Have a great Sunday friends!

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  1. I love blogger meetups – glad it was fun!

    I had no idea you wrote a book! Totally going to get it when it comes out!

  2. how exciting for you that you have a book coming out! can’t wait to read it. love all of the quotes that you shared, especially the idea that in order to be genius there must be some amount of madness.

  3. I think it is so awesome you have a book coming out! Who can honestly say that? It is amazing. As an avid reader I look forward to picking it up!

  4. I’m so excited for you! I am working on my Masters of Teaching & work for the coordinator of the Masters of Reading program. Since I found your blog (through Shasta Anne) a few weeks ago I’ve been directing peers and profs your way. Heck I’ve even told my fiance (he’s a high school english teacher). I LOVE that a teacher is doing something so cool!

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