Wordless Wednesday Pretty Platinum

I’m on way way back to my roots (well, not really) this week with blonder hair.  I think it’s time that the Blonde of Blonde Episodes be true to her name.  Summer is my favorite season as you know, and nothing says summer like a good shade of platinum blonde. Check out these gorgeous images of blonde beauties.  Do you go platinum?  Would you?


Thanks to Daphne of Flip Flops and Pearls for creating Wordless (Semi) Wednesday.  I hope you go check out her fabulous blog and link up with us!  Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. I’m a fan of platinum as well! I went there last summer, but have decided to go darker blonde this time around…. until i can’t take it anymore ;)


  2. I was born a blonde, and started going gray at age 16. They gray has become white and unfortunately, it’s not the beautiful all over lovely white. So I am a very light/white blonde thanks to my wonderfuly talented hairdresser. I get stopped all the time with compliments to my pretty blonde hair. She is an artist that worked with what I had and has accentuated it to make me look my best.
    But every once in a while, I love to don a wig of a different color and have fun.

  3. I’m not sure I’d describe the third and fourth photos as “platinum.” They look more beige/champagne to me, but I really love those the best. Fun photos! The only thing that bothers me is the bottom of the braided pony in that last picture (the top is gorgeous)… looks like she fried her hair with a curling iron. I love being blonde!

  4. Oh Kori you are making me want to go back to blonde! I was blonde my whole life, until last year when I decided to try brown, which I’ve really liked but there is just something about being blonde that I love!!! I adore that photo of Kate Bosworth- her hair is the perfect color! Hugs to you xx

  5. Hi Miss Kori!!!! Ah, something about that plat. blonde, it’s so pretty! I only have streaks of it now, but long ago I was all blonde!!! Those were the days!! :) Hope all is well with you girl! Your blog is always the best!! love d

  6. The third picture down is a hair applique and headband from whippycake.com and I have several of them but not this one, yet…
    And wow! This post is making me want to get a bunch of highlights put in my hair and “lighten” it up for summer…oh yeah! And I’m excited to see your new do. :)

  7. I tried going blonde once, but unfortunately it wasn’t for me. I do have some highlights and recently I’ve tried red- love it! I do love all the blonde pics though:)

  8. I always love looking at the pictures you find for your posts. Your blog entrances me :) It’s one of the happy, lovely parts to my day

  9. I love being blonde. I was platinum for a while but it was much harder to maintain. I love these pictures. They are all beautiful! xoxo

  10. So pretty! I’m going lighter for summer! I love doing that :) And I can never get over that Kate Winslet photo- she looks so beautiful!

  11. Haha I’m on my way back to my (blonde) roots as well. And rather impatiently I must say!!! These pictures aren’t making the wait any easier, either!! :-p

  12. I am a natural platinum blonde and then highlight it periodically. I love it as it gets REALLY platinum in the summertime. Right now it’s a little yellow (plus, I went brown last year so it’s still working itself out).

  13. Love the hair in the 3rd picture. Wish I could get mine to behave that way :)
    Kate Winslet as a blonde is crazy! I almost did not realize who it was.
    I am a natural blonde. As a kid it was naturally platinum. When I got older it darkened a little. Now because I have gone dark and back a few too many times I stick with just a light blonde.

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