Bountiful Bows

Good morning friends!  It’s Monday once again, and I hope you had a great weekend.  I have 18 days of school left, but who’s counting?  I’ve been noticing a lot of my favorite items lately are adorned with beautiful bows.  I’ve always loved bow accents.  They are so girly, pretty, and sometimes even a little vintage.  I found some great photos.  What do you think?  Do you like bows, wear them, or avoid them?  Have a great day friends!

I almost forgot!  I’m guest posting for the lovely Tyler today over at Pearls, Fleurs, & Departures.  Go check out my post on summer fashion and make sure to tell Tyler I sent you!
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  1. hello….
    so glad you came for a visit today…
    i was just scrolling thru your blog….loving so many things….
    i am totally in love with all the bows :)
    all the best

  2. I myself am not a big fan of bows unless of course they are behind me and at the back of my dress. They add a very feminine, yet chic and sexy feel to what you are wearing.

  3. I am loving bows right now so much!!! Just bought three, yes THREE pairs of old navy shorts that have bows. ADORABLE. Like you!!!! :) Have a good week!!

  4. I love them but I have the hardest time finding them on items that my checking account will allow me to purchase.

  5. I adore bows on shoes! I love a little peep toe heel with a bow on top! Sexy cute! I might feel strange with a bow on my butt. Got enough going on back there! ;)

  6. Oh my gosh! I love bows, I just did a post on Thursday about them. Brilliant minds think alike hehe. I love those khaki shorts.

    Have a great Monday friend,

  7. I LOVE bows says I The Girl With The Blue Bow!

    Those pictures are really cool. It’s weird cause bows can be spunky and edgy as well as girly and pretty.

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