Fashion Friday Christian Dior

I’m so irritated that Blogger was down all day yesterday and just finally came up.  I’m so behind because of it.  I hope all your blogs are back to normal.  My post from yesterday was deleted, so I reposted but comments were lost.  I’m still considering a change to WordPress.  Thoughts?

Let’s move on to the fun.  Today is Fashion Friday and I hope you can link up with me!  Christian Dior is such an inspiration to the fashion world.  He was born in 1905 and died in 1957 but the company and his legend still lives on.

Dior was born and raised in Normandy, France and moved to Paris with his parents when he was 10.  He studied political science, then served in the military, and finally began selling sketches.  Dior helped to make Paris a fashion capital.

Although he designed under his own name for only a decade, The House of Dior continues to thrive.  They now have clothing, perfume, shoes, sunglasses, and just about anything else you can think of.

Thanks for linking up today!  Make sure to grab the button and leave a comment so I know you were here!  I’d love to know your thoughts about possibly changing to WordPress.  Have a great Fashion Friday friends!
**All information provided by Met Museum
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  2. I brought my mum a Dior handbag once and needed to hide it at a friends house. Her daughter was asking what it was and I was telling her “Dior”… at the time most people were trying to get her to say their names so she somehow got confused and thought my name was eeyore! The name stuck for a good few years too!!

    Victoria xx

  3. After 2 days without blogger…nor any type of warning, I’m considering WordPress but I don’t wanna do the work to change!!!

    Great photo/fashion finds.

  4. J’adore Dior!
    I love Dior Style, especially the old one, when his muse was Grace Kelly. Her dress in Rear Window, were amazing.
    Dior Cherie adv, with the beautiful Natalie Portman, is chick&pink! love it!

  5. Dior is absolutely one of my favourite brands! Too bad Galliano had such a shamfeull resignation :s

    have a great weekend!

  6. Must. Have. Lavender. Heels. I’m in loooooove!!! :)

    As for blogger… Well, I still prefer it over wordpress. I’ve been on here for years and last night was the first major issue I’ve encountered. I’m fairly satisfied with it. Just my 2 cents… lol I say give it one more chance! :)

  7. Love the post. Dior is most certainly a favorite brand, although I’m not sure what will happen with the house’s aesthetic now that it’s being designed by the committee with no creative director in light of the Galliano scandal :/

    My favorite images would have to be the vintage ones you have. I love black and white.

    On going from Blogger to WordPress, wordpress is a little more difficult to handle but does offer more options to do what you want with it :)

    I might have to get involved with Fashion Fridays next week!!

  8. What an awesome blog! I found you through …this and that…

    Blogger going down was no fun, but I like it the best.

    I’m now following!

  9. Fabulous post. I can’t pick which photo or outfit I love most? Not sure about switching to WordPress… I will say I don’t like that my posts are screwed up and comments — will try and “fix” tomorrow.

  10. What a relief that Blogger is back! Other options really crossed my mind today. Great post, nothing more luxe than Dior! Pure elegance. Great images darling! Happy Friday! xoxo

  11. I want the hot pink number!!! I’ve been in the Blogger black out as well. So relieved I can now get my Friday fixes!

    Here’s to the weekend!
    xo Elizabeth

  12. Such a fun and glam post! I linked in today and added my link for SWW back in with it too! I love blogger, so easy to use. I just rolled with it as you know. I figure with all the people posting and reading it was bound to happen at some point, a server can only handle so much for so long. So I plan to stay.

  13. I love Dior!!! I have one of thier amazing handbags!

    I’ve always loved their line of colthing and accessories. I even love their makeup.

    I’ve never had any problems with Blogger until now so I’m going to stay with them.

  14. The book interview disappeared with bloggers problems so I will send you a link to it when it comes back up! Or if I end up doing it again.

  15. I am super frustrated about blogger going down! I did 3 posts yesterday that I had ready to use and it erased all of them! I was so mad! Oh well! :) Have a great weekend! Glad we are all able to post now.

  16. I didn’t realize he was so young when he died. Is it still unknown what caused it? I love the Carrie picture. That was such a great moment in the movie! (I’ve always been on Team Aiden). I really love the picture of the pink skirt and glitter!

  17. I got really frustrated with Blogger, too! I’m thinking of switching myself, but am going to wait for a bit. A blogger buddy is in the middle of a transition from blogger to wordpress right now, so I’m going to see how her move goes, then make my decision. Love the background on Dior- this fashion house as always been a favorite of mine!

  18. I’m glad Blogger stopped giving you trouble, because I love Fashion Fridays! Nice post, Miss Dior Cherie is one of my all time favorite perfumes. Reminds me of my wedding day:) Have a nice weekend!

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