Fashion Friday Floral Fancy

It’s finally Friday, my favorite day of the week!  I’m off today and am lucky enough to have a 4-day weekend!  What to do?  I think I’m going to get some sun so my pasty legs look ok in my dress tomorrow night when I chaperone the prom.  But, I digress.  Today is Fashion Friday.  Any post related to fashion will do.  I hope you can link up with me.  My post today showcases some fabulous photos of floral patterns.

I love wearing floral patterns of any kind.  They’re feminine, flirty, and a little romantic, don’t you think?  Many designers love the floral pattern.  It never goes out of style and can be changed with just a color.  I’d love to know which photo is your favorite.

I hope you have a great Friday friends and thank you once again for all your support on my novel.  

This is a blog hop…you’re next!  Grab the code and don’t forget to link back to Blonde Episodes!
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  1. Kori I cannot wait to buy your book but a signed copy would be wonderful. Congratulations.
    Also I love the pics of Marilyn Monroe…your blog is so much fun to read.

  2. What fun floral finds!! I was in Forever 21 yesterday and there were so many fun floral prints! Perfect for summertime. Enjoy your long weekend! :)

  3. Those floral tights are off the hook. I can see me getting a snag on them within minutes of putting them on though.

    Stopping by from kathie’s blog tour!

  4. I’m loving the floral. I personally don’t wear but, I love seeing it on others. However, I do want the clutch/bag in the very first picture – its definitely calling my name! Can’t you hear it? Anyhow, I’m really loving this series and your posts, too.

  5. I love the black dress with the pink flowers. It has a dressed up look, but different. Those shoes that would match are killer~ Fun to visit today!
    Happy Friday to you!

  6. All these flowers are so beautiful ,and all the pics are awesome.Floral are perfect for spring/summer, and I love it! Your post are always fabulous.Happy Weekend.
    Xoxo Luxie.

  7. I wore florals 2 years ago and people were all, REALLY? Now they’re big.

    Unfortunately I don’t get paid to predict fashion trends BUT I SHOULD.

  8. I never wear florals, but I do like them. I guess I need to go shopping. lol :) Have a great weekend! I am so happy it is 3 days long!!!

  9. I have recently fell in love with oversized floral patterns!
    (I guess the 90s really ARE back, huh?!)
    Love ‘em all!

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