Mad About Yellow

I’ve been fighting it for months.  It’s grown on me and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I’m now falling in love with the color yellow.  No one saw it coming, least of all me, but I have succumbed to the pressure lol.  Anyway, loving the color lately and had to share some really fun images. 
Do you wear yellow?  Any specific shade?  
If you didn’t hear via Twitter last night, my Ebook will be available for purchase on Friday, but the paperback version won’t be available for a few weeks.  I’m so excited that I’m probably over sharing a bit, but I don’t care!  Have a great day friends!
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  1. Ha, it was the same way with me! I never really liked yellow….now though it’s like my Favorite Color! go figure! I love wearing my yellow heels with my dark blue jeans…very Chic! :)

  2. Never was a fan of yellow . . . until NOW. I’m really loving it and everything that gets my interest lately is yellow or has yellow in it.
    It’s a happy, livin life color!

  3. I love everything! I’d love to have the bag asap. And the sundresses are lovely. And I’m very excited about your book release. I’ll be ordering the ebook first thing on Friday.

  4. I love this post especially that dress with the ruffles and brown bow!! Yellow is one of my favorite colors, feel so cheery when I wear a yellow top or shoes:) congrats on the novel, saw the cover and I really liked it. Looks like a good read:)

  5. Bonjour Kori,
    I could definitely go for the bag. A huge congratulation on the soon to be launched book! Where have a I been? I wish you every success with it, I know it will be fabulous.
    Bonne chance!

  6. I don’t have anything yellow, but I’m not opposed to it. I think it’s beautiful! Maybe I’m too pale for the color…although I am loving all of your picks and may need to start trying the shade out!

  7. yayyy can’t wait for the book! I LOVE yellow clothes but I always feel like I can’t pull them off with blonde hair. Thoughts?

  8. I love the color yellow! Did you happen to see the yellow sundress I had on my blog yesterday?

    Although I do need a tan before I can wear it this year.

  9. I love yellow but it is hard for me to wear because I am blonde. My wedding colors are navy and yellow (with fiance wearing an orange tie and my bouquet will have orange ribbon to match him).

  10. I have a pair of yellow wedges… that I LOVE… I just don’t have many things to go with them. I need to start learning to mix and match colors together.

  11. I can’t wear yellow ’cause I have orange hair (serious dilemma…)

    BUT! My living and dining room walls are painted a mustard/old gold/old school yellow and I love LOVE them! It’s surprisingly neutral! And yellow handbags! Oh MOST definitely! I want the one you’re taunting me with….

    ;-D Congrats on your book – WHOO HOO!!!!


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