Murder By Numbers

Happy Sunday friends!  What are your plans today?  I might watch a movie or two! One of my favorite films is Murder By Numbers starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling.  I don’t know why I can watch this film over and over again, but I can.  I found some great trivia on the film and thought I’d share.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?

–Henry Bean, who also directed Ryan Gosling in The Believer, did several uncredited re-writes on this film.

–In one scene, the camera pans briefly across a cinema that is showing The Bitter Tea of General Yen.  That film was directed by Frank Capra, whose grandson, Frank Capra III is the first assistant director of this film.

–The characters Richard Haywood and Justin Pendleton are loosely based on real life murderers Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold.
–The old lodge on the bluff was constructed especially for the film and was torn down after filming was completed.  The interior shots were filmed on set.
–Richard’s car, a mustang, is the same type of car driven by Steve McQueen in Bullitt.  Ryan Gosling suggested that the car be used, as he is a fan of McQueen.
–The scene near the end of the film where Gosling licks Sandra Bullock’s face was not scripted.  After a few takes, Gosling asked Bullock if it would be okay if he added it in to prove his character’s sick nature.
–Ryan Gosling threw up as he filmed the murder scenes.
–The high school scenes were supposed to be filmed at San Luis Obispo High, but the Superintendent wouldn’t allow them to film after reading the script.
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  1. Hi, sweet Kori! It’s so fun to curl up with some favorite movies! And I can’t wait for Something Borrowed to appear in theatres … I think it’s out this Friday! Are you an Audrey Hepburn fan? .. if so, you’ll love this week at Ooh La Frou Frou! Kisses and wishes for a lovely week!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  2. I love this movie. Did you know that Sandra and Ryan dated after this movie was filmed? I think it was after…anyway. I do love this movie and you posting this makes me want to watch it again! Hope you had a good weekend pretty girl!!!

  3. Sunday nearly over here in Spain, but a lovely and relaxing day. I’ve never actually seen this film despite being a huge Sandra Bullock fan. On my list of DVD’s to watch.

  4. I love this one. I also used to watch “The Net” ALL the time when I was younger. I need to find that online…perhaps I shall do that today :)

  5. Love this movie! I can watch it over and over again, in fact I might watch it tonight! Loved all the trivia and I agree with Claire, Ryan definitely makes the movie easy on the eyes!

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