Wordless Wednesday Hooray For Houndstooth

I’m linking up with my stunning friend Daphne over at Flip Flops and Pearls for Wordless (Semi) Wednesday again today.  If you haven’t seen Daph’s fabulous blog, make sure you check her out.  It’s no secret I love vintage, and one of my favorite vintage patterns is houndstooth.  Check out these fabulous samples of this timeless treat.  Do you wear houndstooth?  Thoughts?  Have a great Wednesday friends!

By the way, I just submitted the proof for the paperback version of my 1st novel!  As you know, it’s available now on Amazon.com in ebook format, but I’m hoping the paperback version will be available next Friday!  I’ll keep you posted for updates on Murder On The Boulevard!


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  1. When Ioved to DC and got a new drivers license, I didn’t realize my scarf would be in the photo. It certainly is! But it was houndstooth, so at least it’s classic. Hopefully it’ll still be classic in 5 years until it expires!…

  2. I adore houndstooth! :)

    Congrats on the new novel.. I will have to purchase it in paper back! Just keep me posted :)

  3. As a former student of the University of Alabama, I’m a huge houndstooth lover. I’ve been drooling over your post all day. I can just lose myself in houndstooth!

    Good luck with the paperback edition! Wonderful achievements!

  4. I used to have this houndstooth dress that I loved so much. I just got rid of it though, cause I wore it to the point of extension!

    Also houndstooth is just so much fun to say!

  5. When I was a little girl in the 50’s my Mother had a suit of houndstooth. It consisted of a straight skirt & jacket & she looked spiffy!!LOL!!

  6. Love this pattern!!! Can’t wait for the paper back version… I haven’t jumped on the “modern” way of reading … I still like to hold and flip pages … as someone who is working on their own book – I’m over the moon excited for your achievement !! You are an inspiration my friend!!! xo HHL

  7. love the houndstooth. i think its one of the greatest prints.

    ps. i love that you always do wordless wednesday bc i do the opposite :) i have “words of wednesday”! haha

    have a great day!!

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