Elegant Emma Stone

I was so excited to see the gorgeous Emma Stone on the cover of this month’s Elle Magazine.  She’s now a platinum blonde.  What do you think, more stunning as a redhead or blonde?

**All photos courtesy of Elle Magazine July 2011
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  1. I read somewhere once that her natural hair color is actually blonde, but for Superbad they had her dye it red & she liked it so much that she kept it. I like her better as a redhead though :)

  2. I LOVE her! I think she pulls of being a redhead better. She’s spunky enough to pull it off. On the other hand, going blonde is for the role of Gwen Stacey in the new “Spider-Man”, and I think she’s perfect for the role. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  3. I think she rocks both colors, however I prefer her as a redhead!

    I dislike seeing her SO skinny in this spread. She looks better with ten more pounds or so on her body. She has amazing lines and natural curves, and it’s missing here. :(

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  4. Love her in both colors! Isn’t it amazing how much a new hair color or style can change you? Once when I was working at a modeling school, a coworker agreed to have her hair cut at a hair show (where you have to let them do what they want). She had great bone structure and they cut her hair like an inch long all over her head! Her eyes became huge and her cheekbones were out of sight, but I felt I didn’t know her and it took me about a month for it to sink in it was the same person! ;) Come check out the fourth notecard on the blog .. it’s introduced this week! http://oohlafroufrou.blogspot.com

  5. She is so beautiful , especially in the first picture.But I have to say that I love her more as a redhead :)

  6. I’m so glad that she’s back to red. She’s beautiful either way, but red seems to fit her personality better. She’s so talented and funny! I love her.

  7. I finally watched Easy A last night. I loved it! I personally prefer her with red or dark hair, but she looks great either way.

  8. I was so surprised to hear that Emma Stone is a natural blonde a few months ago, as the red looks so great on her. She is stunningly beautiful in either. ;)

  9. I love her with both colors, but she’s stunning with auburn locks. I’m really excited that her career is taking off :)

    x M.

  10. I completely agree with Belle. Emma Stone is a gorgeous girl no matter what her hair color is HOWEVER, I prefer the red for sure


  11. I think Emma is just absolutely beautiful! I like her as a redhead she looks spunky and fun. I love her as a blonde though, she looks timeless!

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