Fashion Friday Beautiful Brainiacs

It’s my favorite day of the week again…Fashion Friday!  Hope you can link up with me. One trend I’ve loved forever is the nerdy, intellectual, glasses-clad girl.  There are so many fun things that go along with this style; plaid, oxfords, hats, glasses, red lips, cardigans, and of course a great blazer.  I wear all of these things, so it’s no surprise I love it, but can it be worn in the summer?  Of course!  What’s better than an adorable pair of denim shorts, a white tank, sweet yellow cardigan, and some oxfords?

This is a blog hop, so make sure to grab the button, add your link and link up!!!  Don’t forget to comment on this post please!  Have a great Friday!  ANY POSTS NOT ABOUT FASHION WILL BE DELETED…PLEASE MAKE SURE POST RELATES TO THE LINK UP!  THANKS!!!
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  1. All these looks are great! I love those skinny jeans with the plaid flats! Great look! I’ve totally got to get some geek chic glasses…love that first pic.

  2. I’m new to your blog, and I wanted to tell you how fabulous it is!!! Love looking at all of the great photos :)

  3. Your blog is so adorable…needless to say I’m a new follower! I’m lovin this post! I’ve always wanted to pull off this look ;)

    Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend! xo

  4. Love these! I begged and prayed for glasses when I was younger, maybe if my old wish comes true someday I can look half as chic as these ladies. ;)

  5. Gorgeous!! I just scored the best nerdy blazer at the GAP yesterday… it’s going to look awesome with 2 skirts and 1 dress I sewed myself that have sweet little floral prints.

  6. So, all that’s needed to be a beautiful brainiac is a pair of frame glasses, tweed, and some plaid? I’m in.

  7. I already wore those glasses when I was a kid.. I don’t think I want that trend again.. LOL However, I wear my glasses everyday. Linked up for the first time!

  8. The girls in these pictures are so pretty.I love the one in the third photo with the chic nude outfit.Tres chic :D

  9. Cute photos!

    I don’t need glasses but I’ve thought about getting a fake pair to make me look smarter.

  10. I like to think that I look cool when I wear my nerdy glasses hehe! And I totally love wearing my oxfords with them…and of course cardigans, but I wear those all the time, glasses or not ;)

  11. This is so funny because I’m wearing my geek chic glasses today for my outfit post I’m linking up with :) Great minds….


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