Pink And Green Thursday Shhh Victoria Has A Secret

I’m linking up today for Pink And Green Thursday, with the lovely Trish of Pink Preppy Lilly Lover.  Make sure you head over and tell her hello!  Victoria’s Secret is having their fabulous Semi-Annual sale and there are so many pretties to choose from!  In honor of Pink and Green Thursday, I found some deals that I thought I’d share with you.  Happy shopping!

All photos courtesy of Victoria’s Secret
(I am in no way paid any type of fee for endorsement.  Just want to share the good news!)
Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale ends at the beginning of July
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  1. i’ve always loved the bedding made by’s so cute! unfortunately i moved in with my boyfriend & a bright pink comforter and pillows that say pink are not going to cut it for us. but of course im loving everything else.

  2. I’m so sad… I haven’t been to visit victoria in a while… they quit making my favorite perfume!!! :(

    LOVE the hoodie!!!


  3. love that hot pink hoodie!!

    i actually did some damage at the VS sale this past weekend. have you hit them up?

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