To Clutch or Not?

My sister-in-law Taylore has an amazing sense of style.  Not only is she tiny, so everything fits perfectly on her, but she puts things together that I would never think to.  One thing I’ve noticed lately is her beautiful Cleobella red clutch.  She carries it with everything and it makes such a statement.

Come to find out, Taylore went to high school with the owner of Cleobella.  Her bags are gorgeous.  If you’ve never heard of them, you might want to head over to her website.

Since seeing Taylore’s fabulous clutch, I’m noticing them everywhere.  They are so addicting and make an outfit change from ordinary to chic.  Here are some of my favorites right now.  What do you think?

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  1. Who doesn’t adore clutches? I have a gorge pink faux alligator clutch that I LOVE! Although I do love to have a small purse that has a long strap so I can just put it over my shoulders diagonally and not have to worry about it slipping off. :)

  2. I really love the look that a clutch brings to any outfit. It’s amazing how your outfit can change with just switching out your handbag for a clutch!

    I am definately going to check out that website!!

    Have a good day, love!!!!

  3. Your clutch images are gorgeous. I still haven’t used one during the day. I seem to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my “day bag” and would just never fit everything into a clutch. My friends say my day bag is the baby I never had. It goes everywhere with me, and gets heavier each year! Off to check out the website you recommend ;-)

  4. I love that they’re getting a little bigger now. For awhile there, I just couldn’t swing those tiny clutches. Too much junk to cart around with me, ha! But the ones you picked are great! Have to say I love the first one best. I don’t think there’s a bottom to my turquoise love :)

  5. I love clutches!. I just wish I could figure out how to fit all my stuff in one, I feel so naked if I’m not carrying around half the house and the kitchen sink lol.


  6. Simply adore a clutch and own so many! Always carry if we are staying close to home. On road trips have to go with a bigger classic bag. I have many clutches that convert to a bigger bag,simply by un-snapping and opening up…then when I want a clutch again can fold, snap the strap and wala….perfection!

  7. In love with the first clutch and the yellow patterned one. I have lots of clutches, but feel like I need to invest in one of the popular larger ones now. ;)

  8. Love your blog, just found it & I’m your newest follower! Follow back if you’d like!
    xo can’t wait to read more!


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