Wordless Wednesday Desire To Travel

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday…I’m linking up with my gorgeous friend, Daphne of Flip Flops and Pearls for Wordless (semi) Wednesday.  One thing I love is the feeling of going somewhere I haven’t been before.  I have such a longing to travel and see new places, but never seem to have anyone to go with.  With summer here, I find the itch to travel getting greater everyday.  I thought these images would show that.  What is your favorite place to visit?  Where have you never gone, but are dying to go?  Have a great day friends!


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  1. The last picture is one of my all-time favorites! Kate Spade does such a fabulous job making you feel as if you’re right there. Daydreaming of tres glam travel. ;)

  2. ADORE these pics Kori….I would love to travel the world! I LOVE that plaid dress…so chic! and that first pic I’d SO wear that cute outfit…lol..

  3. I am ready for a trip or little traveling also! Wishing I could disappear from work for a few days. Hoping to hit a great beach somewhere this fall – Key West, Caribbean, just somewhere!

  4. I look way more like photo 2 than any of those others when I travel. But, it’s nice to dream, right!?

  5. hello- newest follower here from FF&P :)

    i just did my wordless wednesday post about how i just bought plane tickets to LA…so excited!!


  6. Maybe we should start travelling together as I’m always struggling for people to holiday with!

    I must warn you, I don’t look as smart as these gorgeous gals when I travel though!

    Victoria xx

  7. I had the same problem..no one to travel with..until I met my boyfriend almost a year ago and now we travel together.
    I always wanted to go to Bora, Bora and China !!

  8. I want to look this chic (and carry that LV suitcase, thankyouverymuch) when I travel! Husband and I adore traveling to new places… some of our faves have been: Fiji (our honeymoon), Paris, London, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and Galway. Happy SWW, doll!

  9. I love to travel! I never seem to have anyone to go with either, so usually I just go by myself and sometimes those end up being the best trips!

  10. Great post! Love those images… Confession: I’m getting the itch to travel again! Though in the U.S. this time. Also thinking of teaching so I can have summers off. Hmm Maine coast or Northern Cal this summer… maybe?! Also love the Carolinas!

  11. Love these pictures! I totally get what you are saying about wanting to travel, but never having anyone to go with. People don’t want to put aside the money to just get up and go. I’m trying to not let it stop me though, and I try to go anyways. You should too!

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