5 Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Hey, y’all! First of all, a huge thank you goes out to Kori for asking me to guest post today. I’m so excited to be here!

My name is Meg and I run a blog I lovingly call “O. is Me.” I post on a lot of things, from cupcakes, recipes, photos, to my favorite topic…. beauty. Come and visit me sometime if you get the chance (sorry, gotta do a shameless self-plug here somewhere)!

Anyway, moving right along! Anything beauty related seems to be the topic I have the most expertise on. A lot of my pals refer to me as their “beauty guru” and I love researching the heck out of anything that will make me feel beautiful on the inside and out! So, with that in mind and the lovely aesthetic of Kori’s blog, I’d love to present to you some of my favorite summer beauty must-haves….
Meg O.’s 5 Summer Beauty Must-Haves
1. a bronzed body

I recommend:
Let’s face it. Tanning beds are so old school and so bad for you. Faking it is the way to go! I prefer a spray/mist over lotion because I don’t have to rely on my husband to get my back. It provides a pretty idiot-proof application that can be layered. I love the Neutrogena spray because it is odorless going on (doesn’t stay that way, that’s for sure, so I rinse it off in the morning). If you want more info on how I apply my self-tanner, visit here!

2. lashes that can withstand beach waves

I recommend:
This is my current favorite waterproof mascara. Doesn’t hurt that it also can be found at the drug store! I to apply it by curling my eyelashes first, apply mascara, and curl again in between layers of application. I find it brings my eyelashes to another level of fullness. It also stays put!

3. a perfect lit-from-within complexion

I recommend:
I love the bronze look, but I hate looking muddy and orange. I want that lit-from-within glow, without looking like a vampire. This can be hard to accomplish with any old bronzer on my particularly fair skin. I’ve found something that really helps me achieve that look. While the Smashbox is pricey, I find that it lasts a while and provides an easy application. I never look orange, splotchy, or not like myself. This doesn’t give a lot of ‘tan’ but it does help with that glow that I love so much. By the way, ladies, it’s never a good thing when someone comments on your bronzer. You want them to compliment your complexion!
4. a fresh face

I recommend:
Summer equals more sweat, which can sort of ruin your fresh face. Normally, we blot with powder or those little sheets to help. I like this particular powder because it provides a multi-dimensional, yet matte finish to my skin. Never does it look chalky, and yet it never looks sparkly. I like the domed, baked minerals and it lasts me months.
5. moisturized, soft lips

I recommend:
In the summer, I find myself wearing a heck of a lot more lip balm, as glosses and lipstick tends to feel heavy. I love the EOS lip balm because, while it is extremely moisturizing, it looks so darn cute in my purse! It also doesn’t hurt that it’s organic. My favorite flavor is the sweet mint.
Well, there you have it!
What are some of your favorite summer beauty must-haves?
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  1. It’s 45ÂșC here in Spain, so your tips are much welcomed. I never leave home without my Evian face water spray which I keep in the fridge. It cools you down instantly but also sets your make-up if you are wearing any. Lovely post and stunning images.

  2. I’m sitting here on my couch in Australia shivering :) It’s 4 degrees and I’m dreaming of beaches and Summer!!!

    Great tips Meg :)

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