Beauty At Any Age

(Dakota and Elle Fanning–17 and 13)

Every year, Vogue Magazine celebrates women of all ages by showcasing women as young as 13, and as old as 90.  Beauty really knows no age.  Each person has their own idea of what beauty is.  This year’s portfolio is stunning as always.  Take a look.

(The Two Sets of Courtin-Clarins Sisters, 26-year-old Virginie and 24-year-old Claire, and Their Cousins, 24-year-old Twins Prisca and Jenna)
(Dylan Lauren–37)
(Virginie Mouzat–45)
(Jane Lynch–51)
(Ida Keeling–96 and Shelly Keeling–60)
Inspiring right?  Beautiful at any age.  We all have something to look forward to!  All photos for Vogue Magazine August 2011.
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  1. this is SUCH a great post!!! I love the fannings sisters, and the last photo of the runners is beautiful! it makes me not afraid of aging!!

    PS- Message me if you need suggestions for your Boston trip!


  2. Oh my goodness, that 96 year old woman is RUNNING? I am awestruck. I haven’t seen the new Vogue yet . . . but I’m amazed by these images.

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