Fall Trends

So, if you’re like me and love Nordstrom, you know the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on right now.  This is where you can get all your fall finds for a lot less.  I don’t usually buy clothes, because I hate to keep them in my closet until October, but the accessories and shoes are to die for.  Here are some of my favorite things this year from the sale.

All items available at Nordstrom or Nordstrom.com.  I am not paid any endorsement for post.

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  1. OK…I am trying my darndest to stay away from this sale because I need NOTHING and know I would be tempted beyond control and have to buy something.
    Those little saddle shoes ( i think they are jeffrey campbell) are to TO DIE FOR. Actually love all your picks.
    Happy SHopping.

  2. I loooove that clutch and handbag! I am dying for new stuff, but am doing Dave Ramsey’s program and still on baby step #2 (paying off debt) so no shopping for me. I sure enjoy looking though :)

  3. Love that MK watch!!!!! All my money goes to the lil honey nowadays…so I dream through blogs! Thanks for that…hahaha!!!

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