Pink And Green Thursday Curvy Christina

Wow, where has the week gone?  Time sure flies when you’re on vacation.  If only my work weeks went this fast.  Hope you’re having a great week and are ready for the weekend.  Today is Pink and Green Thursday and I’m linking up with the fabulous Trish of Pink Preppy Lilly Lover.  Make sure you head over and say hi to her!

I’ve been so busy this summer that I haven’t had a chance to catch up on my Mad Men episodes.  Christina Hendricks is not only gorgeous, but plays one of my favorite characters, Joan on the series.  She’s not your typical tiny actress and I love that.  Check out these gorgeous photos of her.

Notice how often she wears green?  I love the jewel tones on her.  Which look is your favorite?
I haven’t mentioned my book in a while, and just wanted to let you know that sales are going well.  I’m working on book number 2 but have been so busy, I’m a little behind.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you can get the ebook for $2.99 or the paperback version for $9.99. Hope you love it!
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  1. She is so gorgeous!!! There’s something so timeless about her look. My fave picture of her is definitely the one of her in the black lace top/dress. Just beautiful


  2. She’s so beautiful. One of the most perfect Hollywood’s face! I love her and I love Mad Men! I’m waiting for the new season!


    Nice post.
    XoXo Luxie

  3. She is one of my absolute favorite actresses right now. She is fantastic in MadMen, and always beautiful on the red carpet. Great post!

  4. Isn’t she fabulous – she has such a classic body shape and looks so healthy. I am glad to see her in magazines rather than skinny models.

  5. Ok so I don’t watch “Mad Men”, but she is really pretty! I love green on red heads!

    P.S. I have your book, but haven’t read it yet…oops!

  6. She is one of my favorites! Green looks so great on redheads. I can’t wait for Mad Men anymore. March is too far away. I think I have to pull out the DVDs.

  7. I love Christina Hendricks! I’m missing Mad Men so much this summer. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. The Pink Tutu is now Posh Peach :)

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