Resort Wear 2012?

Aren’t we just in the middle of summer 2011?  It always amazes me how ahead of the game the designers always are.  Take a look at these gorgeous photos of what’s to come for next year.

(All images courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar online)
What do you think?  Excited?  I want to say thank you to my darling friends Meg, Michelle, Allison, and LeeAnn for filling in for me while I was gone.  I spent some time with my family in Red Bluff, CA and had a blast.  Here’s some pics.  Aren’t they adorable?
Hope you had a great weekend!!!
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  1. For the most part everything looks feminine for a change…EXCEPT… the bright green drapery ! ! ! Who ever wears that will never live it down!! LOL!!
    Have a Wonderful Day ! !

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