Summer Shag

Nothing says Summer like the movie, Shag.  I loved this film.  It was truly a guilty pleasure for a teenage girl in the midst of summer fantasies.  So, when I saw that Vogue Magazine did a feature on the film, I was thrilled!

Shag was definitely a cult classic.  In 1989 I was 13 so it was a film I could really relate to.  You had four friends who took off in for a last hurrah in the 1960’s.  There were good girls, bad girls, dancing, boys, and of course summer fashion.

I always related to Pudge the most, but wanted secretly to be Malaina.  Who did you like in the film?  If you haven’t seen it, RENT IT IMMEDIATELY!

All Photos courtesy of Vogue Magazine Online August 2011
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  1. What a fabulous post! I love Shag. This is a must see for every gal. I love this movie. And to think it’s not in my collection – it must be added.

  2. HEy girl, thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
    Yours might be my new obsession. hahah
    I totally forgot about this movie!! I’m loving the style and fashion.

  3. This was the greatest blog post I have EVER seen! Shag is my absolute favorite movie everrrrr. & Carson was my favorite (or one I could relate to the most) because I was always that friend everyone thought was so innocent but def had a wild streak! ;) “French him, Carson!”

  4. I have never seen “Shag”, but now I really really want to! It sounds like a film that is right up my alley! I love the 60’s so much! I love all these movie posts that you keep doing!

  5. So fun!! We would always watch this movie on the bus on our way to summer camp. I definitely need to watch it again!! :)

  6. SUCH a good movie!!! I always tend to like the blonde character best, so I was Team Malania too! My friends + I are doing a beach day in Aug, then having a slumber party – we’ll have to watch Shag – you just inspired me!

  7. Favorite movie of all time….my sisters and I have seen it a million times and can quote it plenty. I think I need to see it before we leave for the beach in 2 weeks. I remember my daddy dragging us all over Ocean Drive in Myrtle Beach when we were kids to see all the old Shag huts…and the ones that are still there! Fabulous post!

  8. I LOVE this movie! I would have to say pudge was the one I related too but I was always okay with that. My Grandma and Pepa used to dance and win a lot of shag contest and taught me when I was little. I too say see it if you haven’t.

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