Fall In Love Tuesday To Die For Trends


It’s time for me to link up with Big City Belle again today for Fall In Love Tuesday!  I’m so excited, because I came across Glamour Magazine’s favorite Fall trends today and thought it would be just perfect!  Before I move on to that though, some of you asked how my first day of school was, and it was great!  The kids definitely are a work in progress, but no major problems and they seem like a fun group so far.  More to come on that later.  Thanks for all the sweet comments!

One of my favorite Fall trends is plaid.  How about you?  What do you love wearing when Autumn rolls around?

Peplum Blazers, Coats, and Vests
Mustard Hues
Polka Dots
Rust Colored Coats
Camo Inspired
The Slit-Up-To-There Skirt
Granny Plaids
Bright Pants
All photos courtesy of Glamour Magazine 
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  1. Kori,
    Thank you so much for linking-up again! You’re right that is a perfect post! I LOVE the plaid!!! I appreciate your support SO much! XOXO

  2. So ready for fall!! Can’t wait to layer! I’m loving the lace look this season and always love the plaid, too. :)

  3. i am so excited for fall! i normally do not wear plaid but found a cute blazer at h&m but i am def loving the lace!

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