Fashion Friday Crazy About Carrie

Welcome back to Fashion Friday!  Since I’m on a western kick lately, who better to feature today for her fabulous sense of fashion than Carrie Underwood?  I’ve loved Carrie since she auditioned for American Idol.  She had a down home sweetness that couldn’t be beat, and those pipes!

Since American Idol, she has definitely turned into a sophisticated, classy, gorgeous young woman.  I love that she’s not afraid to wear different colors or hairstyles, and who wouldn’t kill for those legs?

Check out her new video with Brad Paisley
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By the way, since it’s Fashion Friday and all, have you checked out Shabby Apple?  They have the most amazing dresses and their clothing is fit for women, not teenagers.  They are launching their newest line, called Inca Trail.  This is one part retro, one part South-of-the-Border, and one part off-the-beaten-path Explorer.  The collection of dresses and skirts was shot on location in Peru and is perfect for Fall!  Check them out and let me know what you get–they’re even offering 10% off if you use the code, “trail.”  Have a great weekend!  
Dresses from Shabby Apple
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  1. I loveee love love Carrie! Every time I have to get my hair done.. I turn to her and her fabulous hairstyles. She’s amazing!

  2. I think Carrie has such fabulous style!! Great choice for a fashion post!! :) I always look forward to seeing her choices for awards shows! Not only is her wardrobe flawless, her hair and makeup looks fabulous, too. Happy Friday! Thanks for hosting us!!! :)

  3. Everyone loves Carrie. She’s so cute, and talented! I really love her! She’s amazing in this pics. Lovely! Nice post!
    Miss Lux

  4. She is my girl crush, style inspiration, motivation at the gym, my do not enter sign at the refrigerator. She’s basically my everything! :)

  5. I LOVE Carrie’s style. She always has the best hair-styles too. I took a picture of one of her styles to my hair-dresser the day I got married!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!

  6. She has come a long way since her American Idol days – wow.
    Stopping by to link up for Fashion Friday.

  7. I’m so obsessed with carrie. Shes perfect looking while still maintaing that girl next door vibe! ahhh wish we were BFFS =]

  8. Great post my dear! I think she is absolutely gorgeous. Every time I see her she’s looks stunning. I’ve heard some of music and like it but, I’m not a regular listener.


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