Much Needed Motivation For My 1st Day Back

Good morning friends.  I am back at work this morning after being off since June 10.  It was such a fantastic summer.  I traveled, read, wrote, hung out with my family and friends, shopped, worked out, and so much more.  I truly live for my summers.  I also love fall though and am really excited to be back.  With going back to school, though, I promised myself I would get back on track and head back to Weight Watchers.

I love Weight Watchers, but hope I can stay motivated this time.  Do you have any secrets for eating right or working out?  I found some amazing motivation on Pinterest, and thought I’d share with you all for a new week.  Have a wonderful day friends!!!  Wish me luck today!!!

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  1. I look at food and it’s calorie content & 100 cals = 10 mins so I decide, is this muffin really worth 40 mins of working out? && I put that sucker down. Also, don’t think “I can’t have this” because then you will want it. We want what we can’t have. Think “I don’t need this or ehh I am over it”. =D

  2. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but do you have any idea where you found the picture of the 2 girls in teal/pink/grey workout outfits? I would love some shorts like that!

  3. You don’t need luck doll, you can do it! My tip which worked for me and got me to drop 2 sizes…it’s all about balance…balancing what you eat and cutting out any & all fast food. Eats lots of salads, green veggies, fruits, portion control was big for me! lol… I measure out the meat part of my meal by the size of my palm and I estimate out calories and try to reduce bad fats. And I do sill indulge from time to time with a decadent dessert. I had peach cobbler the other day! Yum!

  4. great pictures !! I used to do WW and I liked it but I got so sick of eating the meals but I think if I enjoyed cooking it would help !

  5. You can do it! And so can I. Make a workout schedule, a realistic one, and stick to it. I block out my workout time in my Blackberry and my calendar. And start writing down everything you eat and drink. That mean’s I should be adding the chocolate cake to “my” list. Yep, I dealing with a little personal stress and needed the comfort. We can do it!

  6. GIRRRLLLL!!! You just motivated ME like no body’s business! =) Thank you…mucho! Off to the gym I go! I love the last pic. SO SO true! =) Hope you had a PERFECT first day of school! =) Love & Hugs to you always! XO
    Calling All Dolls!

  7. I love Kelly Osbourne!

    I have similar troubles staying motivated. Oddly enough, I tried weight watchers before and failed miserably… only 5 lbs in 4 months? It seems everyone else is doing great with it though… perhaps I’m doing it wrong. If you figure out the secret to motivation, pass it my way!

    Good Luck Hun!

  8. I’m a WW girl too! I’m doing pretty good staying motivated w/the eating b/c I track it. As for the gym, this summer has been a little off! I need to get back into a solid routine b/c school started today for me too.

  9. Love that last quote about someone busier than you! I find that I work out so much more when I have a routine (ie: always pack my bags the night before and go to the gym before going home after work) and if I have a friend to work out with, or even just a class I routinely go to. It helps seeing the same people every week. ;)

  10. I started back to WW yesterday after 2 1/2 weeks off for wedding/honeymoon and a gain of 8 lbs! Holy cow…I should win the award for gaining the most weight in the least amount of time. I started following you on pinterest today, so here’s to motivating each other! Good luck!!!!

  11. What great motivational pictures! I love WW and I will always go back to it whenever I need an extra bump in my nutrition. You can do it, Kori! Happy first day of school!

  12. Good luck! Those are some great pictures for motivation! I like to also take pictures of myself once a week. Its A LOT easier to see the change on my body instead of the scale! Also, find a buddy to do it with you! Even if its a blogging friend, it always helps to know someone else is working with you :)

    Love your blog btw! I’m a new-ish follower!

  13. kelly osbourne amazes me and she is truly inspiring.

    i need to get my motivation back myself. i always feel so much better when i have been eating healthy and riding my bike.

  14. Great inspiration!!! That picture of Kelly Osbourne just shows how much weight shes lost! It’s amazing!!! You forget how she looked before, and now she is a fashion forward gal! I love it!

    Happy Monday!
    Lucy XO

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