MY English Teacher…

Hi Ya’ll!  My name is Robelyn and I’ve rolled my duct tape over from red.neck Chic… I’m so honored that Kori invited me over – Thank You Kori!!!

I “met” Kori via blogging about a year ago…

Instant adoration on my part.

A. Kori is so fun and has INCREDIBLE style (seriously – I come over here to drool over whatever she’s taunting me with… then I go back to my closet and just hang my head in absolute disgust.)

B. She’s a High School English Teacher! I like that about her.

In high school I had the GREATEST English teacher. Ms. Scott.  I remember looking down the elementary halls and seeing Ms. Scott standing in the high school halls and thinking, “I can’t wait for her to fail me in English be my English teacher!” And I would patiently wait to hit Jr. High.

Ms. Scott ALWAYS wore a dress. Not just ANY dress… but a shirt dress. And each one had a full, floaty, graceful skirt.  In the summer she would wear sandals with her dress and in the winter she would wear pumps with a modest heel and add in a cardigan. Her hair was blonde and never a strand out of place – her make-up understated but flattering, and she always wore small post earrings that matched her dress choice for the day… SO much a lady!

If you ever meet me in person remind me to show you how Ms. Scott walked… I have it down to a Science!  Oh wait… did I just switch subjects? hmmmm….

It wouldn’t have been good AT ALL for me to try and be like Ms. Scott while in Jr. High and High School (I had a reputation to protect you know – couldn’t go ’round tradin’ in my Keds and Guess jeans for Ms. Scott inspired dresses), sew I stayed busy trying to be like Molly Ringwald (do you remember Pretty in Pink? Augh! She made the sewing machine COOL!). But… the older I get the more I remember Ms. Scott’s style and incredible “ladylike” mannerisms.  I didn’t say I was duplicating all of that (I’m a red.neck after all!), I just remember them. :o)

I’m fairly certain she was a good teacher as well as wearing pretty dresses.  I used to have to turn in a “journal” with one page filled each week. That poor lady… she had to read stuff like: “Monday. Ms. Scott! Ms. Scott!!! JimBobEarl LOOKED at me, can you believe that?! I about walked in to my locker! Think he likes me?! Oh, he’s so CUUUUUTE – the cutest boy in school!” and then things like: “Wednesday: MS. SCOTT! I stole my Mother’s car and went driving through a garden! Want some tomatoes?”

all images from here

She had to have been a good teacher – otherwise she would have turned me in to my mother for the whole car theft/garden demolition thing…

comin’ to you LIVE from a single-wide that I parked in Kori’s back yard while she’s on vacation….ssssshhhhhh… don’t tell her I’m back here – but ya’ll are welcome to join me anytime!!! We’ll throw Kori a surprise party when she gets back home! I’ll bring the duct tape and garden vegetables…

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  1. OMG…this is hilarious!! I think I had an English teacher like this…no, math. And I did fail. Never stole cars or anything though. I have to check out your blog. Too funny!


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