New York, New York!

I got back into town yesterday after having to cut my vacation short.  I had a fantastic time and wanted to share some of my photos from NYC.  I can’t believe I was in NY yesterday and back in CA today!  What a whirlwind.  I saw the city in one day!  Hope you love the photos.  I’d love to hear your feedback!

Guest posts will continue until Tuesday, so make sure to show the amazing guest bloggers some love for me!  Have a great night friends!

All photos by Kori Donahue of Blonde Episodes
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  1. My cousin proposed to his now wife with a Harry Winston…such a stunning ring!! I hope you got to go in and drool over some of them!


  2. So glad you got to go to NYC!! It is one of my favorite places in the world! Looks like you got to see a lot of it, too. :) Hope you are having a good weekend!

  3. New York in a day?! Your a champ. I had 9 days there and didn’t even see everything I wanted!

    Please tell me that you went to Central Park?! I swear it was my favorite thing in New York, but I went on my last day and only saw a bit of it. If I go back I just wanna see every inch!

    I hope you had a blast! It sure looks like you did from all those great pictures!

  4. Great pics Kori. NY is definitely a happening place. I would love to go back and visit again. You saw a lot in one day. Glad you are home safe.

  5. NYC is the best but you definitely have to go multiple times to get a feel of the entire city. (Easy for me to say- I’m 4-5 hrs away!)

    Your vacation looks fantastic, sorry your vacation got cut short :( Hope everything is okay!

  6. Kori, I can’t believe you saw NY in one day. I went for my first time last December and it took me four days to see everything! Your pictures are absolutely stunning.


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