Summer Nail Polish Trends

Hi everyone, my name is Anna and I’m the celebrity style and fashion blogger over at Fash Boulevard. I’m beyond excited that Kori has asked me to guest blog while she’s on vacation. As the followers of my blog know, my two biggest obsessions are jewelry and nail polish. This essential cosmetic must-have is an effortless way to add sass and style to any look. You can tell a lot about someone’s personality simply by their choice of nail color. Are you a bright and bold girl or neutrally chic? Like your favorite fashion pieces of the moment, even nail polish has trends. It’s easy to stay up to date with what’s “in” by following celebrities nail colors. You can always count on your favorite style icons to be rocking the latest. This summer metallics have been massively popular and it seems these days white has become the new black, but with fall rapidly approaching I think it’s safe to assume that blacks and maroons will emerge strong once again. This sumer I’ve personally been crushing on bright colors. Above is a photo of my latest nail polish collaboration. I love adding sparkles to one finger for a subtle splash of fabulousness. Below are some of my ultra fave style mavens rocking their choice colors this summer. Click the polish to get the look. What is your go-to summer color?

I can’t thank Kori enough for letting me guest blog on the always entertaining and forever fabulous, Blonde Episodes. Don’t forget to stop by Fash Boulevard and say Hi! And follow @fashboulevard on twitter to stay up to date on the latest celebrity style and fashion trends! xoxo
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  1. I’ve been doing bold blues and pinks the last few weeks but I’m ready for the darker colors of fall. I’ve found a really pretty gray/purple color by Sally Hansen that I’m ready to wear (Grey Area), plus a slate gray by NYC.

    I love the trend of glitter or a complimentary color on the index and/or ring finger. I’ve sported it a few times and got a lot of compliments.

  2. I love bright colors for summer. Always have! As soon as fall comes, I’m back in darks and neutrals.

  3. This year I am loving lighter nails and then dramatic toes, experimenting with blues, greens, oranges etc! So fun!


    Art by Karena

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