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I’m thinking of looking for a new place to purchase, or maybe rent, and I want a completely different style. I’m so inspired by so many interior designs on Pinterest, it’s hard to choose just one.  I found a few rooms that I love.  What’s your style?  What do you love about your home?  I’d love some feedback!
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. um…i want that kitchen!!! oh, and the laundry room!!! i’m so glad i’m not on pinterest…i would have zero time to eat or even breathe!


  2. love the “SPARKLE” above the laundry room and that black and white bathroom. and i want a chandelier so badly!!! beautiful pics love!

  3. Kori, I am loving all of thise pretty rooms of all sorts! I think the only one I semi do not like is the one with the tub! I am def a shower girl and would die if my home did not have a shower in it! If not for kids I would not even have a tub lol…

  4. They’re all lovely; my favorites are the first bedroom and the white kitchen. I don’t really appreciate the same style of decoration everywhere but more of an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories. Carefully chosen bright colored accessories, each with a special meaning.

  5. I LOVE the ceilings in the last picture. And I’m also loving the fireplace in the bedroom. So cozy!

    My style is definitely more rustic. I’m a country girl so I love a style that reflects it.

  6. Such gorgeous home styles!

    My problem is I like all styles but at the moment I seem to be lusting after all colours of purple and more elegant and glamorous interiors!

    For Christmas I’m getting some new bits and pieces to change the style of my front room! I can’t wait.

    Victoria xx

  7. Oh my don’t even know where to begin! The 1st bedroom is amazing! Adore the 2nd kitchen and the mirror and the black chandelier I seriously need in my life:) Great picks!

  8. Wow! All of these pictures are so amazing. I’m dying for that laundry room. The colors, the SPACE! I would love it. I also really love the last picture. Happy house hunting!

  9. I love the blue cabinets in the kitchen, that is so pretty and something you don’t see everyday!!

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