Loving Labor Day

Good morning friends!  I hope you have a relaxing day planned to celebrate all the hard work you do all year long.  I’m going to relax and possibly watch a full day of Law and Order SVU. What are your plans? I’m also curious…how many of you plan to wear white after today?  Have a great day!

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  1. Those shorts with flag pockets are cute! Little Lulu and I will definitely be wearing white…it will move onto winter white around October thru February. What about you?!


  2. I love all of those pictures. I always have a hard time with the no white after Labor Day the first few weeks in September when it’s still kind of warm. Tradition says not to, but sometimes, I just want to wear it! :)

  3. Law and Order SVU marathon days are always enjoyable =) And I usually keep my white pants, skirts, and shoes use between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I’ll always wear white on top though. Enjoy your day!

  4. my plans include drinking coffee and finishing some work that I have been putting off all week. kind of ironic that I’m using labor day as my day to get work done, huh? :) I pretty much never wear white. I am untrustworthy with it – if I wear it, I will spill. Without a doubt!

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