Pretty Pretty Pearls

The older I get, the more classic my tastes get.  I really appreciate staples that never seem to go out of style. Pearls definitely fall into this category.  I don’t own any pearls, but would love a Tiffany pair.  They just go with everything from fancy to casual.  Do you own pearls?  What do you wear them with?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

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  1. Are you peeking through my windows… you blog about red nail polish that I’m wearing frequently at the moment and now pearls! I wear a lot of black dresses to work and they’re always finished off perfectly with pearls!

    Victoria xxx

  2. I have a small strand of pearls, 16″ and they were a gift some time ago. I’ve worn them probably a total of 3 times, I think… Also, I have The Franklin Mint “remake” of Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s necklace and matching bracelet – 3 strands of each and I LOVE THEM but, don’t wear them. Candidly, pearls look really good with Navy and sticking out of white, crisp shirt. Very nice. Oh, and I have a ring surrounded by diamonds as well (don’t wear that either). And I think somewhere I have earrings…I guess I need to check on that. :) Pearls are a definite classy style and scream sophistication.

  3. I don’t own pearls. I know a bad southern girl. I just never cared for them when I was younger but now I wish I had some. I will get some one day between my mother and grandmother. If I don’t buy myself some first.

  4. Pearls are a must have. They are even better if they are handed down. I have a few sets of real pearls and some fake ones as well. My favorite pearls are the ones that my grandmother wore on her wedding day. Husband said he was going to give me pearl earrings for our wedding but since I wear them everyday he thought it best I wore my fake ones so I didn’t mess up real ones ha!

  5. I wear my pearl earrings a ton. I have a few strands of pearls that I love, but don’t wear as often as a few more “costumey” pairs–a three strand, a twisted one, and a long one that I sometimes knot. ;)

  6. you must get a strand of pearls! They really do go with anything and are as classic as they get. My sister has a strand that she started when she was 16 and added length to it up until her 18th birthday

  7. I inherited some real pearls but rock out the fake all the time. They’re my favorite! I even wore them on my wedding day!

    I wouldn’t mind replacing a few of my fakes with some Tiffany pearls either….. :) Great post!

  8. When I began college, my mom gave me a pearl choker that belonged to one of my aunts – Mikimoto pearls – that she got after my aunt passed. All of my mom’s family is still in Japan so when I wore it on my wedding, it felt like they were all with me. It was a nice touch!


  9. Pearls are great! They just add that extra sophistication to any outfit…I have real and fake pearls…I’m hoping that one day all the fake ones will be replaced with new ones LOL

  10. I grew up in South Carolina and pearls have always just been a way of life for me! I wear them with everything from t-shirts to formal events. Single strands to multiple ones of different lengths…you just can’t get wrong. Don’t judge…in college you would even find me in pearls in the gym :)

  11. I love pearls. My husband gave me a set of pearls on our wedding day, which he took from my dad as a tradition because my father gave my mother pearls on their wedding day… sweet huh :)

    I usually wear them with my 40’s style dresses. Sometimes I will wear them with jeans, a nice blouse, and heels. They are just the most classic and elegant accessory!

  12. This is the first comment that I’ve left on your blog :) I had a pair of real pearl earrings. The first time I wore them, I lost one of them. I was so sad :( I have a bunch of fake pearls. Whether real or not, I love them. They are so classy and never will go out of style!

  13. I lovvvee pearls! I have real pearl earrings and a ring. It was my sorority jewel, so maybe that’s where my love for it originated from, but they are lovely and go with ANYTHING! Jeans–>fancy dresses. I have lots of fake necklaces, and wear them all the time. Would love to own a real strand…someday!


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