Flirting With Temptation Thursday Puppy Love

So I am seriously pondering getting a new puppy lately.  Mimi La Rue is my life, but wonder if she needs a friend.  This is definitely a diversion from my normal type of post, so I hope you enjoy the photos.  What do you think?  When was the last time you had a puppy?
All images courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. oh…what cute puppies!! i wish we could get one too, but the kids act like puppies…maybe when they get older, but i can’t do it now!


  2. Oh my goodness I am just going gaga over these cuties. I adore puppies and I am a HUGE animal lover. Puppies are precious but boy oh boy are they a lot of work. I got my beloved Chloe Valentine (back in 1990) at age 8 weeks old and she was quite a handful. I remember saying that I’d never get a puppy again after all the hard work.

    I rescued my last boy as an adult and my current little angel Phoebe was rescued at about age one on Jan 1st of this year. She was still very, very puppy with the cuteness and chewing and learning… I am so glad I got her at age one and didn’t go any younger. It was perfect.

    Best of luck in your decision. I hope you find the perfect little furchild… 8 weeks or one year… whatever you decide will end up being the right thing!


  3. They are so cute. I have thought of getting a second one but not sure I can handle the expense of two. Dogs aren’t cheap and I love big dogs. Maybe when I get a new house

  4. Those little little puppies are adorable! I love that first picture! I want a little toy dog like that one!

  5. I wish I wasn’t allergic soooooo much! I hope I can find a hypoallergenic breed after I have a house and a yard someday. These puppies are way too adorable. ;)

  6. oh my goodness!!! those puppies are adorable. I’m linking up today with my current temptation: chandeliers!

  7. Oh good gravy – you make me want ANOTHER puppy!!!

    We won’t discuss the head count when it comes to dogs and my house… but the last time I had a puppy was a couple of months ago… they are HUGE now!!!



  8. OH my gosh! I want to squeeze them all!!!

    My pup is about a year (her birthday I think is this weekend!!) and as much as I love her…the puppy stage was not fun! They bite, they poop everywhere, and they tear everything apart. And if they are crazy like my dog, they eat a bra, their stomach explodes, and they need $3,000 emergency surgery. Yup, true story. I’m not sure if I would get a puppy again or get one a bit older.

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