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I’m so sorry for the delayed post today friends.  I ended up having to stay home today and had to go to the doctor.  I have some type of bacterial infection in my chest, had to get new migraine meds, and a fabulous flu shot while I was there.  It hasn’t been the most fun day, I have to say.  But on to other things.  I was thumbing through my new Anthropologie catalog and found some gorgeous inspiration for a home makeover.  They have a fabulous chair that just came in called the “dressmaker chair” that is amazing, but alas $2,200.00 is a little out of the budget.  Take a look and tell me what you think.
All photos courtesy of Anthropologie
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  1. I hope you are feeling better. Give it time someone will come out with a more affordable version of the chair.

  2. you poor thing, i hope you are feeling better soon!!
    love all the photos and your taste!
    anthro is totally out of my price range, fun to look though!! :)

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