My Mama’s Gorgeous Creations Part I

(Dress form all dressed up in Mom’s bedroom)
Happy Saturday!  I’ve been wanting to do a blog post on my Mama’s fabulous home for a while now, but finally got around to taking some photos.  My mom is an interior designer, a crafter, and an amazing artist.  There are so many stunning pieces in her home that I have to divide them up into two posts.  She rhinestone’s almost everything she can get her hands on, including leather-bound Bibles, that would be perfect gifts for Christmas.  If you have any questions on any of her creations, or want to possibly order some of her items, either check out her Facebook page at The Queen’s Jewels, or leave me a comment and I’ll pass on your info to her.  Make sure to come back tomorrow to see part II!  
(Vintage antique ball made of vintage jewels made by Mom)
(Collectible doll with all accents made by Mom)
(Trunk redone and accents added by Mom)
(Bible made by Mom)
(Mom’s bird Romeo)
(Some of Mom’s fabulous finds)
(Gumball machine full of jewels and other accents created by Mom)
(Mom’s amazing bottle collection)
(Vanity in Mom’s room)
(Chandelier in Mom’s room)
(STUNNING jewelry cross and cones, with all hand placed vintage jewelry pieces by Mom)
(Mom and Dad’s bed)
All photos by Kori Donahue of Blonde Episodes
Check back for Part II tomorrow!
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  1. Wow, your mom has got some talent! Loving it! Even if it’s not my style, it’s awesome to see something so pulled together and beautiful! It kinda reminds me of Hearst Castle a bit!

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