My Mama’s Gorgeous Creations Part II

(1950’s Prom dress displayed on top of linen closet in Mom’s room)
Good morning all.  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  My poor Mama is sick with the flu and just started her job at Disneyland, so she’s having a tough weekend.  Please pray for her.  As I promised yesterday, here are some more fabulous photos of all her pretties that she either makes or displays in her house.  Enjoy!  And don’t forget to check out her Facebook page for The Queen’s Jewels.

(Angel on vanity)

(Ballet shoes created by Mom)

(Vintage dress form adorned by Mom)

(Paper Roses)

(Adorned frame)

(Mom’s fabulous doll collection.  She won many awards for making porcelain dolls)

(Apollo collection)

(Metal tapestry in Dad’s office)

(Dad’s office)

(Another stunning chandelier in dining room)

(Mom’s Sid Dickens collection)

(Italian cherubs that Mom adorned and have several sizes for sale)

(Above mantel in family room–Madonna and child print)

(Isn’t this adorable?  Mom took a vintage train case and created this to hold the yorkie’s brushes)

(Accents in the house)

(Photos of Mom’s yorkies, courtesy of my sister-in-law)

(Wall of guest bathroom–gorgeous mural)
All photos by Kori Donahue of Blonde Episodes
Now you can see why my Mama’s house has been on home tours right?  Hope you enjoyed the photos!
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  1. Loving those paper roses…she made them look so classy. Thanks for sharing all of her pretties with us. It made my Monday morning a little less blah! :)

  2. Wow, I’m completely blown away. What an incredibly creative and talented lady she is! I’m inspired by those that truly cannot deny the artistic nature that is overflowing from their veins. This is beautiful to see.


  3. OMG your mom is incrdibly talented! I especially love the paper roses and train case!! Just fabulous. Can you post a how to DIY for the paper flowers???

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