What Color Do You Wear?

In the old days, a lady didn’t go anywhere without her lipstick.  Now it seems we might leave the house without it, but still need a little gloss.  Have times changed that much?  I don’t feel complete without my lipstick.  Since I used to work for MAC, I’m a little partial, but love so many colors from other brands.  
Maybe it’s the makeup artist in me, but I see a work of art in a woman’s lips.  The shape, color they choose, and how they speak all add to the mystique.  My favorite color right now is Honeylove, a matte buff tone by MAC of course.  What’s yours?  Tell me all about it!  And, don’t forget to link up with me tomorrow for Flirting With Temptation Thursday!
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. The only thing I like by MAC are the lipsticks. I swear by MAC’s lipstick called “Myth” and it’s a similar shade to the first photo you posted.

  2. I do not currently use lipstick but have been dying to try a tomato red or a really nude color. both total opposites but I have yet to pick the perfect colors yet!

  3. I usually play up my eye makeup so tend to stick to really safe lip glosses! Sometimes I get adventurous and use a hot pink for spring/summer or bright red for fall/winter. That’s about it though!

  4. I love lipstick, but feel I never can get the right color for my skin tones. It’s become a quest!

    I have a giveaway from an Etsy store on my blog ending today. I think you’d really love it! Hope you’ll visit sincerelysaracate.com to check it out!

    Sara Cate

  5. I love Airy Fairy by Loreal (I think? It’s a maroonish brown tube).

    I also love Pervette by Mac.

    I love lipstick, but I’m also kind of afraid to wear it! I always get comments like “your lips are a different color!” WTH?

    Great blog post idea :)

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