Bearer of Bad News

Hey there friends!  So, we’re three days away and I can’t wait for my mama’s famous homemade dressing.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, but I always stress because I try not to overeat.  So, enjoy your pumpkin pie, your mashed potatoes, and everything else you desire, but don’t forget to get back on track before Christmas comes around for that little black dress!  Don’t hate me, I’m only trying to help you and me!  
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  1. Thanks for the reminder! My hubby is already trying to get me off track this week! Fewer bites and more minutes in the gym this weekend for me!


  2. Eating healthy and exercice, but in moderation. Lovely blog, if you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back.

  3. I’ve got good control on only eating until I’m full but looking at two Thanksgiving’s this week is a little rough! Thanks for the motivation, going to keep coming back to this all month!

  4. thanks for the motivation and inspiration!! i need to get to in the gym! the girl in the yellow tank is actually my friends girlfriend!!! xo

  5. oh my, thanks for the motivation to get my sorry arse to the gym tomorrow!!!

    stop by and enter my giveaway this week!

    happy thanksgiving to you.

  6. Extremely motivating! And I completely agree… have been working out for the past three years, and I only see a real difference when I focus on the food, which is much harder than anything else. Lately I’ve been looking to the Tumblr blog “Undressed Skeleton” for recipes and motivation, and SparkPeople for calorie counts. Great post/reminder ;)

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