Christmas At My Mama’s House

Good morning all!  I’m so excited to be spending this Sunday relaxing in bed watching all the Harry Potter movies on TV.  What a fabulous Sunday.  Some time back, I posted photos of my Mama’s fabulous home and all the gorgeous creations she has.  She decorated yesterday for Christmas, so I thought I’d share what she has up this year.  What do you think?  Have you decorated yet for Christmas?  If you like her style, please go like her Facebook page for The Queen’s Jewels.  Have a great day!  
All photos courtesy of Kori Donahue for Blonde Episodes
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  1. I am lovin’ the Silver tree and decorations! I have been debating to paint my garland for the stairs silver and gold this year (a bit tired of the green). Thanks for the inspirations!!!

  2. I don’t even know where to start! It is all so beautiful I love all of it! The tree is amazing I’m working on mine this week hope to have it all done by the weekend!

  3. Beautiful, Kori! You can tell she really enjoys decorating and she has so many lovely things. I really like Old World Santa’s and anything sparkly. I’d love to see this in person!!

    Hope you had a relaxing Sunday!


  4. These are great! It kinda reminds me of how my Grandma decorates! Only she is more rustic! I like the glitz your mom throws in there! It makes it kinda magical!

  5. So beautiful, Kori! Thanks for sharing the fa la la la la fun with us!! I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas now. :) Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. I wish my mom decorated for Christmas – all we really do is put a tree up. I especially like the “It’s Time for Christmas” clock in the tree!

    xx Emily @

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