Do You Steampunk?

I’ve been noticing a lot more steampunk pieces at various art shows lately.  What is steampunk, you ask:  it’s a sub genre of science-fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and speculative fiction.  There are often elements of technology, especially Victorian style, fashion, culture, and art incorporated.  What do you think?  Do you own any steampunk pieces?  What do you think of the trend?  
Images above courtesy of Pinterest
Isn’t this fabulous?  iPhone doc built into a retro phone.  Get it here.  Photo courtesy of Etsy.
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  1. I’ve seen this type of fashion but never knew there was a term for it. I love it. Actually, when I was in college I took a photography class and did a shoot with a theme kind of like that. I’ll have to find those pictures!!

  2. I had heard of it, but wasn’t quite sure what it was until I read this! Thanks for enlightening me!

    Sounds like a trend that I would use very sparingly, being a “woman of a certain age.” But you young women could rock it easily!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  3. Love love love! I have been loving Steampunk for a very long time. Probably before I knew it was called Steampunk! I bought a new pair of fabulous boots and one of the young interns at work said, Ooooh I love your Steampunk boots. I felt so cool. haha Have a great week!

  4. Some of it verges on the slightly-tacky, but a lot of it is really cute. When I first saw it a couple years back I was skeptical but I’ve grown to appreciate it more as time went on. The 4th photo is my favorite…that look is so pretty! :)

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