Fabulous Gift Ideas and Blogger Love

Good morning all…I’m back at work, and you are probably right along with me.  A lot of great stuff is going on this holiday season, and I thought I would share in case you aren’t on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

First of all, let’s all say a big congratulations to the future Mrs. Weaver, our favorite Brown Eyed Belle Julie!  Julie got engaged and the diamond is to die for!  I’m so happy for you friend.  I hope you call all head over and congratulate her!  Let’s hope she still has time to blog!

Next, our adorable friend Tara of Fabulous But Evil finally made it to 1,000 followers!  How exciting!  If you don’t follow her too fun blog, head over and give her some love.  Way to go honey!

Now for a little shameless self-promotion…My first novel, Murder On The Boulevard is available on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon, but I also have signed copies for $10 if you would like one!  They make great stocking stuffers and I will invoice you and send it out this week!  Let me know!  

I also have some fabulous finds for sale on my ebay shop that you might love…there are a few iPhone cases that I know some of you would just love!  If you’re interested, let me know and I might be able to give you a better deal!  

Lastly, my mama has some fabulous creations over at her The Queen’s Jewels Facebook page.  If you are looking for that one of a kind gift, check her out.  She does custom orders!  
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  1. WHAAAAA!!!!!????!!!!! I did NOT hear that Julie got engaged. I knew it was coming though….you can just sense those lovey things. ha. And I must go check out your ebay. And why don’t you go ahead and send me a signed copy of yoru book!!!! Tis the season….I am so thrilled for you!!!!

  2. Love this post! Also, do you mind if I feature your book in an upcoming affordable fashionable gift ideas?!? I have some other fashion type books that I’m going to feature and would love to add yours! Off to check out all your links and shout outs in this blog now!

    Liesl :)

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