Fashion Friday Colorful Stems

It’s that time again~Fashion Friday!  I’m so excited to have the day off, I don’t even know what to do with myself!  Maybe a movie?  Anyhoo, I’d love for you to link up with me today and share your love of fashion.  It’s looking like my Thursday linkup isn’t doing so well, so I’m thinking of abandoning it.  Let me know if you think I should keep it.  
Moving right along, I’m noticing that everywhere I go, there are a multitude of colored jeans!  I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and couldn’t believe all the skinny’s they had to choose from.  I’m not sure I’m bold enough to try them yet, they kind of remind me of the 80’s.  Maybe a dark green or red pair to begin?  What do you think?  Do you wear them?  Have a great day and come link up with me!
All images courtesy of Pinterest
This is a blog hop!  Come link up with me!  Just follow the instructions (I don’t want to be mean and have to delete your post) and you’re in!
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  1. Hi Kori,

    I love your post today. I hope you can keep Temptation Thursday, it’s also a fun blog hop. I’ve been busy these past couple weeks and I know with Thanksgiving it might be hard too but it is a fun hop. Your site is so much fun!


  2. Hi Kori! I’m linking up for the first time, great blog by the way!

    I have to admit I love the colored denim look but it’s just not quite for me. My style is more neutral…Jennifer Aniston like! But the photos are always so inspirational. They make me wanna go out and try them…black and white count as colors right? (LOL)

  3. Linking up with you this week!

    I got a pair of skinny purple cords and love them- just don’t know what to wear with them! Glad you gave me some ideas!

  4. Colored denim works so well on some people, but I’ve never tried it. I’m especially loving some of the red denim you posted!

    Have a great day off!

  5. Stopping by to link up again. Love Fashion Fridays!! And I love the colorful skinnies this season. I’ve braved them a couple of times and love the look!!

  6. Kori,
    It’s been far too long since I linked up!
    I haven’t gone into colored denim territory {again} yet but am seriously contemplating a pair of red skinnies. Hmm.
    Happy Friday! xo

  7. I was just about to sign off and saw you had the link up!! So I went ahead since I’ll be away from the computer during the day tomorrow! Thanks! I’ve been enjoying this party!!

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