Flirting With Temptation Thursday Boots!

Good morning all!  Today is one of my favorite days of the week–Flirting With Temptation Thursday.  This is where you can blog about anything you’ve been tempted by or are being tempted by this week!  This week I’ve had a definite boot obsession.  I can’t seem to buy enough pairs to wear with all my new sweaters.  So far I have four pairs on order.  I’ll post pics when I get them! 
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. Robbin

    That second pair, lace up, tan with buckles. Love them. What/whose are they?? I want them!

  2. The TB boots are gorgeous and I have been coveting them for some time now! Talk about temptation!

    Chelsea (

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some boots too girlfriend! A girl can never have to many pairs if you ask me.

    I’ve been working on a blog post the last couple of days featuring some of my favorite boot outfits too…great minds think alike!

    I love your sense of style…we must be fashion soul sisters!! Can’t wait to see your new boots girl…looking forward to that post! xoxo

  4. I’ll take the first ones and the last ones…I wish I had more boots. But, that also means I need more skirts…and I don’t have those yet…but, I will. Have a great day sweetie.


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