Jessica All Grown Up

Wow, have you seen the cover of the December issue of Elle Magazine?  Jessica Biel is looking great!  I used to watch her on Seventh Heaven!  What do you think?  
All images courtesy of Elle Magazine
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  1. She’s such a natural beauty. I remember watching her on 7th Heaven too. It was “family night” with my roommates on Monday night in college….haha!

  2. Yes she really is beautiful! Usually she seems to dress very athletic and sporty so it’s refreshing to see her in this more grunge and alternative look!


  3. She is really strangely beautiful! Plus I really like her acting! I agree with Christina, that last picture is awesome! Love it!

  4. She’s so pretty and seems so normal. It’s refreshing. I really love the last picture, it’s not glamorous, but really different and cool.

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