On Our Way To Christmas

Good morning all.  I hope you had a fabulous Black Friday and are relaxing this beautiful weekend.  I’m so excited it’s the holiday season.  Everyone seems just a little bit nicer.  My dad and I put up the lights outside yesterday and the tree is up!  So, in honor of November being almost over, here are some of my favorite Christmas images from Pinterest.  How many of you have ever or get to spend Christmas in New York?  I’m so jealous!  Have a great day and don’t forget there is still time to link up for Fashion Friday! 
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. Christmas is MY favorite time of year. Love it! I’m not exactly sure what I love best but, I do love it. I think being with friends and family and of course let’s not forget the gift giving. I am spending time today (and yesterday) decorating my apartment.

  2. Wow, that stoop is incredible! I always want to go crazy with the lights but I’m worried about my neighbors. Hahah. I love all the pictures! I’ve been to NYC over Thanksgiving and they were just getting the big tree up, but a lot of stores were decorated so that was fun.

  3. Wow! the Americans really know how to do Christmas decs; so much grander than Europe. I’ve done Christmas in Paris which was unbelieveable. Next on my list is definitely NY ;-)
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  4. Love these pictures! Christmas in NYC is truly magical and I’m so lucky to get to spend it there or in the area almost every year…so pretty!

    Liesl :)

  5. I agree. At Christmastime, people do seem a little nicer. :)

    I’ve never spent Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in NYC, but I only live 2 hours away so I’ve visited during the Christmas season and it’s so festive. There’s nothing like NYC at Christmastime! :)

  6. My mum and I should be in NY right now doing our Christmas shopping as we have done previous years!! Those pictures have made me very nostalgic!!!

    Victoria xx

  7. Oh my goodness I can’t wait for Christmas! I can’t wait to decorate, we are a little behind here. These pictures are wonderful inspiration!

  8. thanks for sharing the photos … my husband and i are leaving tonight for a week in nyc. we’ve both never been and are SOOOOO excited. these pics are just adding to my excitement level =)

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