Passion For Plaid & Giveaway!

Good morning lovelies!  I hope you are enjoying your week and like me, looking forward to the weekend. I was supposed to go see the fabulous comedian Anjelah Johnson, but had to sell my tickets (a little overspending for Christmas, I guess).  Oh well.  What do you all have planned this weekend?  I love hearing all about your fancies at Christmas time.
One thing I’m noticing a lot this season is plaid, and not just plaid, but plaid on plaid.  Have you seen it?  People are mixing plaid prints and colors.  I don’t know if I would do it, but I like it.  It’s very festive and makes me feel all cozy.  LOL.  
All images courtesy of Pinterest
By the way–Did you hear I’m having another giveaway?  Just in time for Christmas!  Make sure you go enter here for a chance to win a $25 voucher to LoveMode!  Good luck!  Have a fabulous day beauties!
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  1. Hello my fellow blonde friend!! I love love love plaid…it’s so perfect for winter. My fav look here is the plaid dress with leather jacket on Emma Watson! Gorgeous!


  2. i love plaid! especially that blue and green jacket you have pinned!
    WE are going to cut our own christmas tree this weekend. should be an adventure!

  3. I love plaid. Not sure how I feel about the plaid on plaid but I love Emma Watson’s plaid dress and leather jacket!

  4. Ahhhh, good ‘ol tartan! When I was young I LOVED the Bay City Rollers. They were from Scottland and their garb was made of tartan. I became obsessed with this colorful design buy adding cuffs on my bell bottoms and sewing little vests. So fun!

  5. Ugh, Anjelah Johnson is to die for. Love her!!! And yes, loving plaid too. But not too much. One plaid will do me just fine, thank you! Happy week love.

  6. I love that green plaid coat! The whole plaid thing is really festive! I just got a new shirt, and it’s great!

    This weekend I’ll be in Portland hanging out with my oldest brother! I’ve never been there before, so I’m excited! I’ve heard that I’ll never want to come back…

  7. I love plaid too, but I’m not sure how I feel about plaid on plaid. I think I like things to match a little too much to give it a try…haha. :)

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