Pretty Pretty Poncho

I got the cutest poncho for the season and although I love it, I’m not sure if it actually looks good on me or not.  Do you have a poncho?  How do you feel in it?  I wore mine with skinny jeans and tall boots.  Hope you had a great Friday friends! 
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. I have a poncho that I bought last year but I haven’t worn it yet. I think because it’s a little different from my normal style but I think they’re so cute! I’ll have to bust it out this season.

  2. Kori I have a random question how do i add link ups to blogs? I was trying to do one on my blog but I have no clue how… i would love it if you could talk me through it

  3. I think ponchos and wraps are becoming very popular…I think it is all about getting one in proportion to your height. I am SO short, I have to get something smaller. As always…I wait to see what comes around!


  4. I have a vintage poncho my mom had in the 70’s for this season… It’s black gray, hunter green hot pink and hot orange. Im kinda scared to wear it!

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