Respectable Sins

So some of you have seen my tweets or FB posts on my Bible study and how it’s been convicting me.  I thought I would share some of the “Respectable Sins” the author of my study talks about.  Some of them really made me think and have had me making some life changes for sure.  
1.  Anxiety, Frustration, and Discontentment
2.  Pride and Selfishness
3.  Impatience, Irritability, and Anger
4.  Judgmentalism and Sins of the Tongue
5.  Lack of Self Control, Envy, and Jealousy
So, which one are you guilty of?  I’m definitely not liking the chapter on Sins of the Tongue (sarcasm) and Impatience is something I’m working on too.  I love this study and the book is amazing.  If you’re interested, it’s Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges
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  1. Hi, Kori!

    It’s great to hear about your study!

    …as for ‘types of sins’, it seems to me that pride is really what ‘magnifies’ most other sins, in the sense that one thinks they can ‘handle’ whatever bad situation they are in without help or at least thinking it through, and usually knowing that they should ‘swallow their pride’ in order to alleviate the situation… everyone’s guilty of that one!!!

    Hope you are doing well out there! KIG!


  2. Sounds like a great book! I’m definitely guilty of all the above and working on it. That is why part of my bedtime routine is to do The Examen.

  3. Hey Holly!!!! It actually doesn’t discuss that because that’s a different issue. Anyone who has medical issues isn’t something the author is referring to. It’s for those who need to learn to control their emotions and try to pray about it rather than worry and control things themselves. :-)

  4. Question for you, if someone suffers from a diaganosed anxiety condition (as in, it’s related to something like depression or PTSD) is that a sin too?

    I’m NOT asking to try and be argumentative, I’m just interested to see if the book says anything about it. :)

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