Twins of Couture

Happy November 1 friends!  Can you believe it?  We’re on our way to Thanksgiving already!!  So on to the next post!  I’m so fascinated by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.  Maybe it’s that they are pretty private and don’t share too much, so there’s a mysterious side to them?  Maybe it’s because they have a fabulous sense of fashion?  Maybe it’s because they’re richer than I’ll ever be?  Whatever the reason, they are fashionable and have a different look.  What do you think about them?  Do you consider them pretty, gorgeous, or not at all?
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. I have LOVED MK&A since their debut on Full House. I feel like we’ve been BFF’s for years and I’ve been there through their ups and downs and eating disorders and awkward stages this whole time. But I love their fashion sense, that’s something they’ve always had. Whether it’s always been successful or not, at least they’ve tried!

  2. i love the olsens!! i love that they managed to survive childhood stardom and be successful business women! have you seen their little sister? she’s got some movies coming out she’s adorable!

  3. I go back and forth! I think they are looking healthier again though, which I think is good! They look amazing in these shots though!

    And I totally have watched most of their movies from when I was younger!

  4. OMG! I was just collecting pictures of them last week to do a post. I love them. Amazing style! And I think they are so cute.

  5. I love the “Michelle Tanner’s”! They have great style, most of the time. :)

    Those pictures of them are great!

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