Beloved Birkin

It’s Monday once again.  I’m excited because that means I only have 4 more days of work, and then I’m off for 2 weeks!  Yippeee!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  I finished my shopping, wrapping, and pretty much everything I needed to.  All that’s left is my Christmas cards.

If I could have anything I wanted from Santa, I’d say I dream of a Birkin bag.  I will probably never have the chance to even borrow one, let alone own one, but a girl can dream.  The Birkin bag is a handmade bag made by Hermes and is named after actress Jane Birkin.  The bag is definitely a symbol of wealth, since not many of the public can afford it at prices ranging from $9,000 to $150,000.  The bag is so famous, that there is even an entire book dedicated to it! (Bringing Home the Birkin).
So, I ask.  Do any of you have one?  If you do, please share all the details.  If you don’t, what color do you dream of, and how can we get one?  Have a great day, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for some fabulous guest bloggers!
Jane Birkin
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. I had a dream once that my BFF and I went shopping and bought ourselves Birkin bags. But that was and will always be…just a dream. LOL!! If I won the lotto, I’d buy one…in black! ;)

  2. I won’t be picky. Any color will do. However, my dream Birkin would be tan. I’d make that baby work with every outfit. That baby pink one is super pretty too.

  3. My dad gave my mom and I Birkin bags for Christmas last year. We were both shocked Dad knew enough about bags/fashion to think of it, and we both felt so lucky to be given such a gift… We spent most of Christmas morning in tears!! :)

    Mom’s is black croc… Mine is the black pebbled leather. They are beautiful bags, but I’m always paranoid about carrying mine!! I need to get over it because it’s such a waste to just let it SIT there!!

    If you (or anyone else) is in the market I would definitely suggest That is where my dad purchased ours… There is NO Birkin waiting list and there are also vintage Hermes bags (Kelly and Birkin) if that’s what you’re in the market for!! Either way, it’s a fun site to check out and drool over :)

    There are also plenty of Birkin-esque bags now… You can get the classic look of a Birkin without spending an arm and a leg!!

    Hope this helps anyone who’s looking for one!!

    xoxo Britt

  4. Oh goodness, I die. I’ll never come close to owning one, but if so I’d love it in a classic brown to go with EVERYTHING! But then again, I’d prob be too afraid to leave the house with it. Hahaha!

  5. sighhhhh… one day! i have always wanted a classic black but after seeing the pink one in the first pic! hmmm decisions decisions! think i will have time to mull this one over lol have a great week kori!

  6. two weeks off…jealous! My break cannot come soon enough.

    the birkin is just hands down amazing…so iconic. I believe my sister may have a black one!

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