Christmas Deals

Hello!  I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.  I’m so tired for some reason and am loving that I get to relax at home.  Have you finished Christmas shopping yet?  I have!  I know, it’s rare for me to be done this early, but I’m so glad.  
If you are in need of some great gifts, I have a few things on sale on Ebay.  I wanted to mention a few of them in case you’re looking for a deal.  I take really good care of my things, and also come across some items I decide not to use that still have the tags on them.  Here are some I love that you might like!
Swarovski Crystal Iphone 4/4s Case 
Kate Spade Lacey Wallet
Kate Spade Bow Bridge Kennedy Handbag–SOLD OUT AT KATE SPADE
Louis Vuitton Musette Bag
Juicy Couture Bracelet
Dan Post Women’s Cowboy Boots Size 9.5
Coach Tennis Shoes Size 8.5
Kate Spade Bow Bridge Kennedy Plaid Handbag
Classiques Entier Red Leather Jacket Size Large
If you’re interested in any of the above items, you can check out my ebay shop here, or you can email me and I can invoice you without you having to bid on ebay.  Thanks so much!  (There are so many other great finds, so make sure to check out my shop!)
All photos courtesy of Kori Donahue for Blonde Episodes
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