Fashion Friday Emma Watson

It’s Friday, Friday, ok I’m sorry didn’t want to get that awful song stuck in your head, but it is!  Today is Fashion Friday and what better style icon to feature than gorgeous Emma Watson?  I love Emma and have every minute since she was little Hermione Granger.  I’m not crazy about her pixie cut, because she’s just so sexy with it long, but she makes such a statement no matter what she wears.  Do you agree?  The little plaid number is one of my favorites.  
All photos courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. I actually love her pixie cut, but I’m sure she’ll grow tired of it eventually and the long hair will be back. And I agree, she has great style.

  2. It is amazing what a wonderful lady she has become. I have loved her since the first Harry Potter too.

  3. She’s just too cute! I’m still not sure how I feel about the pixi cut, it’s growing on me but I really hope she grows it out.

  4. Can I just say I just stumbled across your blog through another and it’s so cute and girly! I love it and just followed. Also I love Emma Watson, I have a post on my new blog that I did last week, the dress she wore to the awards is to die for and was my Wedding dress inspiration, you can see the post here
    Hope you like my new blog and follow back :) Monica xx

  5. I love Emma’s style! She’s one of those people that I can’t wait to see grow up and see how her style evolves!

  6. I love her! And as much as I love Hermoine, I can’t wait to see her in something besides the Harry Potter movies.

  7. Being a petite girl myself, I’m always impressed with Emma Watson. She (or her stylist) really understand how to make the most of her elf like proportions without veering to far into twee territory.

  8. Emma is one of those girls who can just roll out of bed, do nothing with her hair and no makeup and still be beautiful!! I love her and can’t wait to see what she does now that Harry Potter is over.

  9. Ah! I love Emma Watson too! Though I really love her pixie haircut…not many people can pull off that look and she looks fab!

  10. I love her black lace dress! I have to agree with you about the pixie haircut. I love the idea of Fashion Fridays!! :)

  11. she is such a doll! i agree with you on the plaid and the lil black lace and feather number have been my two all time fav looks! and she will always be hermione to me…

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