Festive Weekend

Good morning!  I hope you’re all having a great Saturday.  There are so many wonderful activities this time of year, and everyone is so festive.  Mom and I went to Disneyland again yesterday and it was magical, to say the least.  Today we’re meeting with my Aunt and her new grand baby for Christmas.  What about you?  What are your plans? 
I need this tree!!!
All images courtesy of Pinterest
By the way, don’t forget to enter my Pretty Little Liars giveaway where you could win an entire copy of the 1st season! 
Lastly, if you’re looking for some great gifts for Christmas, check out my ebay shop, where you can find lovelies like these:

Happy shopping!  All photos courtesy of Kori Donahue by Blonde Episodes
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  1. I really have to get on the pinterest train…these photos are fantastic. how lucky that you can visit disney so often…my husband and i were saying that it would be so great to take the baby there soon…

  2. I love the pictures, it makes me feel like it’s christmas right now!

    Also, I want to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog (a VERY while back – I try to respond to every one of my reader’s comment. Maybe I don’t do this right away but some day, as you might notice). I love reading every single one and you make my day just by stopping by!

    I’d love to hear more from you in the near future!


    Rock ‘n Style

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