Red Pumps? Yes, Please!

Loving red pumps with jeans right now…do you own a pair?  What do you wear yours with?

All photos courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. YES for red pumps!! I have pumps, red wedges with white polka dots and just got a new pair of strappy platforms. Love how they look with a pair of jeans, but they look great paired with anything!

  2. Red pumps are sexy! I don’t have any yet, but I do have kitten heel red Mary-Janes I wear with slacks to the office. My maroon pumps are more versatile and go with skirts, slacks and jeans.

  3. I love the idea of red shoes. Where I live, it’s too cold for bare legs in the winter and I’ve never been certain about red shoes with stockings….any suggestions?

  4. I love the ones in the first image and also the ones with bows on the back. I used to have a couple pairs of red pumps but they are pretty scuffed up no, time to find some new ones!

  5. I own a pair and love them! I wear them to work a lot with white, black and gray….I love the pop of color.

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